Heart & Stroke 2017 Stroke Rehabilitation Services Resource Inventory (English)
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PURPOSE:  The purpose of this Heart and Stroke Foundation Stroke Rehabilitation Services Resource Inventory (SRI) is to update information obtained in the 2013 SRI, which focused on inpatient stroke rehabilitation, and also to expand our information regarding community based programs available to people after inpatient discharge (from acute care or inpatient rehabilitation).

TARGET AUDIENCE: The target services include any inpatient rehabilitation service that provides services and care to patients who have experienced a stroke and their families.

We kindly ask that all inpatient stroke rehabilitation services in Canada update their previous information (if you participated in 2013), and/or provide new and updated information.  For those services that participated in 2013, a copy of your responses at that time may be provided to you if desired (contact Jessica McQuiggan to obtain your copy at jessica.mcquiggan@heartandstroke.ca).